Who I am

I've been programming for around 6 years now, mainly doing iOS work. I love tinkering with stuff and building beautiful and useful products.

What I've worked on

Grades (iOS, Android) - An iOS and Android app app that allows students to check their grades and make "what if" calculations. Over 650,000 downloads to date with over 200,000 daily active users.

iOS Music App - During the summer of 2016, I worked on the iOS Music app at Apple. I made some performance improvements, did a bit of UI work, and wrote some C++ code.

SMS Grades - An SMS texting service that allows students without smartphones to text a # and instantly get their grades back. Built with Twilio.

TeenHacks - In 2014, I founded TeenHacks, a high school hackathon in SoCal. I raised 10k from corporate sponsors such as Wolfram Alpha, Make School, and Microsoft and attracted over 200 students for a full 24 hours of hacking and learning.

What I'm interested in

I'm currently on the lookout for interesting software engineering opportunities during the school year so please reach out if you could use my skillset. In the long term, I'd like to get involved in a startup. "I can always find another job but look at us, doing this, it's intoxicating, don't act like it's not magical!" — Jared from Silicon Valley

Contact links

Check me out on GitHub or send me an email (adrien.truong@me.com) or both.