Who I am

I've been programming for around 7 years now, mainly doing iOS work. I currently study computer science with an emphasis on AI at Stanford. In the past, I've interned at Apple and Dropbox.

Some things I've worked on

Grades - From 2015-2018, I built and maintained an iOS and Android app that allowed parents and students to check their grades and simulate the effect of hypothetical test scores. All in all, the app achieved over a million downloads with over 250,000 daily active users. It got over 40k reviews with a 4.7/5 average. Unfortunately, I had to take down the app after it got so popular that the student information system company sherlocked me and requested that I take down the app.

Dropbox Paper - During the summer of 2017, I worked on the Dropbox Paper mobile app. I worked to improve offline mode working in Swift and TypeScript.

iOS Music App - During the summer of 2016, I worked on the iOS Music app at Apple. I made some performance improvements, did a bit of UI work, and wrote some C++ code that reduced a lot of boilerplate parsing code.

SMS Grades - Back in high school, some of my friends didn't have smartphones. So I built an SMS texting service with Twilio that allows students without smartphones to text a # and instantly get their grades back.

TeenHacks - In 2014, I organized TeenHacks, a high school hackathon in SoCal. I gathered over 200 high school students for a full 24 hours of hacking and learning.

What I'm interested in

I'm currently on the lookout for interesting SWE and PM internship opportunities. If you have a unique opportunity, I'd love to hear about it. In the long term, I'd like to get involved in a startup. "I can always find another job but look at us, doing this, it's intoxicating, don't act like it's not magical!" — Jared from Silicon Valley

On a side note, education is something that's been on my mind lately. When I think about how I got here today, it can all be traced back to the educational opportunities that were made available to me by the sheer luck of being born in the correct place. I think about the countless other students who simply didn't have the same educational opportunities as me growing up, whether that be due to bad teachers or economic circumstances. I'm in the very beginning stages of learning more about the educational inequalities that exist. If you have an opportunity that would help me make a difference in this space or learn more about it, I would love to hear from you.

Contact links

Check me out on GitHub or send me an email (adrien.truong@me.com) or both. I'm also on LinkedIn if you're into that.